TOR/Toy Original Reproduction  - AE86 Restoration and Reproduction Parts Specialist. 

Engineered in California and Manufactured in USA.


Highest Quality Materials married with classic designs of the Toyota Corolla AE86 and other Jap Vehicles, including 1984-1989 Toyota Trucks, EA Honda, First Generation Integras and EF9/8 Honda Civics. 


Majority of AE86/Corollas who wins at all car shows have our products on their AE86. 


We strive to produce the best products without limitation to cost.  


Our engineers and design teams continual to find ways to make and improve our products. 


More importantly, TOR stands by our product. Excellence is Standard. 

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10K RPM Cluster Overlay _Zenki
10K RPM Cluster Overlay _ZenkiAlternator Plug - 3 wireCRX - Rear Center Garnish Decal




Fuel Injector Harness Clips_4ag
Fuel Injector Harness Clips_4agHATCH Window Gasket SealKouki Trueno JDM Fender Lights - Smoked Version - PAIR




Pair of Hatch_Rear Shocks_ae86
Pair of Hatch_Rear Shocks_ae86Stainless Braided Brake Lines KitSunroof Seals - MKII Celica Supra




Trueno Badge - Kouki Unocal "86" decal
Trueno Badge - KoukiUnocal "86" decal4ag_Air cleaner Filter




4ag_thermostat and gasket 4AG_timing belt_oem Toyota
4ag_Engine Overhaul Gasket Kit4ag_thermostat and gasket4AG_timing belt_oem Toyota




AE86 - GTS_stainless clutch linesAE86_ Spark Plug for 4ageAE86_4ag Water Pump




AE86_4ag_Valve Cover gasketAE86_Distributor Cap for 4ageAE86_Distributor Rotor_4age




AE86_Horn Ring
AE86_Driver Door HingeAE86_Fuel Filter_4ageAE86_Horn Ring




Auxiliary Air Idle Gasket_4age Battery Cover_Positive Terminal_AE86 CelicaSupra_BillboardDecal_Rear Hatch
Auxiliary Air Idle Gasket_4ageBattery Cover_Positive Terminal_AE86CelicaSupra_BillboardDecal_Rear Hatch




DASH MAT _AE86 Door Handles_left and right side_exterior TRD High Performance Air Filter
DASH MAT _AE86Door Handles_left and right side_exteriorFR-S TRD High Performance Intake Air filter




Front Brake Pads - SR5 and GTSFuel Filtergasket_taillights_coupe




gasket_taillights_hatch HeadlightGarnish_Kouki_pair JDM GTV DECAL SET
gasket_taillights_hatchHeadlightGarnish_Kouki_pairJDM GTV DECAL SET




Key Chain - 1980's Toyota Key Chain
Key Chain - 1980's Toyota Key ChainOEM 20v PCV Valve OEM 20v Silvertop Oil pump




OEM 20v Accessory belt A/C , P/S OEM 20v Blacktop Knock SensorOEM 20v Distributor Cap




OEM 20v Distributor Cap PackingOEM 20v distributor O-Ring.OEM 20v Distributor Rotor




OEM 20v Oil Filler CapOEM 20v Oil FilterOEM 20v Oil Pan




OEM 20v Oil Pump Pickup TubeOEM 20v PCV valve grommetOEM 20v Silvertop Waterpump




OEM 20v Spark PlugOEM 20v Spark Plug hole gasketOEM 20v Spark Plug Wires




OEM 20v Spring Tensioner for IdlerOEM 20v Valve Stem Oil Seal Exhaust OEM 20v Valve Stem Oil Seal Intake




OEM 4A-GE Silver Top 20v Throttle Position SensorOEM Blacktop & Silvertop Timing Belt PulleyOEM Blacktop 20v Alternator V-belt




OEM Blacktop 20v Bolt Flange/Washer for IdlerOEM Blacktop 20v ThermostatOEM Blacktop Electric Fan Water Temp Sensor




OEM Blacktop Pin for Idler Spring Tensioner OEM Blacktop Timing beltOEM Blacktop Water Temp Sensor for Gauge Cluster




OEM Silvertop & Blacktop 20v Ignition CoilOEM Silvertop & Blacktop 20v IgnitorOEM Silvertop 20v Engine Gasket overhall kit




OEM Silvertop 20v Thermostat:OEM Silvertop 20v Timing Belt OEM Silvertop 20v Water Temperature sensor




OEM Toyota Front Windshield Molding
OEM Silvertop and Blacktop Oil Pressure SensorOEM Upper Front Windshield molding Oring_ByPassPipe_two




Rear Spring_lower_isolaters_Pair Steering Spacers_ae86
Pair of Pedal Cushion_AE86Rear Spring_lower_isolaters_PairSteering Spacers_ae86




Stone Protectors_REAR t-50 Transmission gasket kit TORPARTS CAPS
Stone Protectors_REARt-50 Transmission gasket kitTORPARTS CAPS




toyoem_radiatorcap_4ag and 4ac
toyoem_radiatorcap_4ag and 4actoy_oem_Oil Filter for 4ag and 4acWiper Blades - Front left and Right




O-Ring_Distributor_4ag Oil Filter Housing_Orings and washer_4ag 4AC_aircleaner_Decal
O-Ring_Distributor_4agOil Filter Housing_Orings and washer_4ag4AC_aircleaner_Decal




4AG_Cam Cover Decal AC Panel - Kouki 1986-1987 WITHOUT AC CUTOUT
4AC_sr5_Emission_Decal4AG_Cam Cover DecalAC Panel - Kouki 1986-1987 WITHOUT AC CUTOUT




AC Panel_zenki_without AC Cutout AE86_Radiator Overflow Bottle Bridging_Past to Present Decal
AC Panel_zenki_without AC CutoutAE86_Radiator Overflow BottleBridging_Past to Present Decal




Frontcaliper_rebuild kit GTS Twin Cam 16 Valve Decals_1986and1987 Hatch_Rear Hatch Panel
Frontcaliper_rebuild kitGTS Twin Cam 16 Valve Decals_1986and1987Hatch_Rear Hatch Panel




lower bumper lenses (pair) Rear Caliper_rebuildkit Rear Main Seal
lower bumper lenses (pair)Rear Caliper_rebuildkitRear Main Seal




Shift_boot lever TORPARTS_License Frame TORPARTS_Tshirt
Shift_boot leverTORPARTS_License FrameTORPARTS_Tshirt




TOR_shfiter rebuild kit Toy86_new decal Toyoem_masterkey
TOR_shfiter rebuild kitToy86_new decalToyoem_masterkey




Toyoem_sparekey TRD_4ag16v_red wires TRD_headgasket
Toyoem_sparekeyTRD_4ag16v_red wiresTRD_headgasket




Unleaded Fuel Decal
Unleaded Fuel DecalAE86 - Coupe Trunk WeatherstrippingAE86 - Hatch - Hatch Seal




Black Limited Decal Set Honda Acura Dohc PFI_Decal Kit
AE86 Sunroof Weatherstrip SealBlack Limited Decal SetHonda Acura Dohc PFI_Decal Kit




Speedo Gear _T50 TRD_oil filters AE86_Clamp Hood
Speedo Gear _T50TRD_oil filtersAE86_Clamp Hood




Clock Bezel GTS Twin Cam 16 Valve Decals JDM Levin Decal Set - AE86
Clock BezelGTS Twin Cam 16 Valve DecalsJDM Levin Decal Set - AE86